Here's a little story, let me know if this sounds familiar!

You walk into a store (or are browsing online) and you you notice, giddily, that they've set out the display of all the pretty new planners for 2016.  You have to stop yourself from actually running over to have a look.  Your hands are shaking as you start picking them up, going through them, and dreaming about all the potential that those pristine little white boxes hold.  You study the cover designs, the layout of the pages, and weigh the pros and cons of an elastic to hold it closed and a spiral binding.  You end up picking the prettiest one.  Or maybe you researched endlessly online to find planner inserts that you thought were the prettiest and the best fit for you.

You go home, sit by the fire (or outside in the shade, if you are south of the equator) and with a pretty new pen, you very carefully and meticulously fill out every little possible appointment, event and birthday that comes to mind, no matter how small.  You use your best handwriting, add tonnes of stickers and accessories just waiting for January 1st to hurry up and get here so that you can actually use this fabulous, pretty planner that's going to change your life and make 2016 your most organised year ever!  This is THE year. The year, you vow to actually use your planner and be organised!

January 1st comes and the planner comes to life!  You've scheduled your every move for January 1, but when the time comes you only sort of half follow it, because it is New Year's day after all. You vow to be more vigilant come Monday morning, then you sit by the fire and fill out your every move for Monday morning and decorate it to the hilt.

Monday comes and you eagerly use your planner, but slowly as January marches on, you start using it less and less.

Things aren't working. 

You keep forgetting where you put it and maybe you even missed an appointment or two!  

About mid-month, you pull up your socks, and decide to buckle down and really use the planner.  You fill our your every move for the next day in the planner, determined to get back on the horse.  The next day comes and your forget it at home.  

So come February, that pretty planner, with its soft leather or pretty pink tassel is long forgotten on a shelf or in a drawer along with all your good intentions, all collecting dust!
You just aren't a planner person!

If this sounds at all like you, then I can relate! 

I've been there, I've been through it, had these false starts many years over and I've come out the other side. 

Just because the planner isn't working for you doesn't mean that you can't use a planner, it just means that it was the WRONG planner for YOU!

After repeating this story year after year, I now have a planner system that's practically perfect... for me!  Now, while my system will not work for you, I can help you set up your Practically Perfect Planner system.

I've called on two friends who have their own planner systems down and working perfectly for them.  Ashli Oliver and Richelle Shadoan.  They will add their experience, advice, tips and tricks to help you figure out, develop and create your perfect planner.

Whether your style is simple or elaborate, your schedule busy or overwhelming, you'll be able to come up with a planner system that works for you.

This is a 6 week course starting October 26 and running until December 4, because you can start your planner system any time of the year, not just January 1.

It includes:
* Immediate access to the pre-class information
* Class handouts, worksheets, videos, and emails each week.
* A private forum where you can exchange ideas and photos with your classmates and instructors, brainstorm and ask questions
* Custom printable planner pages to help you design your  practically perfect planner
* Custom printable elements (like tabs, lists and bookmarks) to use in your planner.
* Custom cutfiles from the Cut Shoppe.

Some of the bonuses include custom cutfiles by Ashley Horton from the Cut Shoppe and custom planner pages made by Cara Vincens from the Hooting Pirate.

Some of the bonuses include custom cutfiles by Ashley Horton from the Cut Shoppe and custom planner pages made by Cara Vincens from the Hooting Pirate.

Praise for Practically Perfect Planners

To give you a better idea of how the course will run, here is a break down of the week's lessons.

A video and welcome note will guide to start tracking your planner usage.
Printable Planner pages so that you can create a temporary planner if you don't already have one (or 6 heehee) to help track your planner use. 
You will have immediate access so that you can start right away tracking with a temporary planner.

PART ONE - Gathering Information

Week 1
Specific tracking of HOW your use a planner.
Worksheets with targeted questions will help you start to understand your methods.

Week 2
This week's worksheets have questions that go a little deeper now that you have at least one week of tracking under your belt.  
The more you use a planner the more you can see HOW you work.

Week 3 
The worksheets in this week have even deeper questions that investigate your habits and actions when it comes to planners to really pin down HOW you use your planner and what you need from it.

PART TWO - Review, Analyse and Brainstorm

Week 4
By now you will have a good handle on what is really working and what you need.  
You will compile a list of all the components that work well for you and those that don't in preparation to create your practically perfect planner.

Week 5
Yay!  This week we are getting to the really fun bit! Making, adapting or buying YOUR planner!

Week 6
The class handout this week will include lots of tips and information for tweaking your planner as you go forward.  
You will change so your planner must change with you.

Registration is now closed, but if you can't wait until the Spring session, please contact me for individual coaching. I can help you find the perfect planner for you!!

Praise for practically Perfect Planners


Are you still on the fence? This class might be for you if:

You love planners, but they've never really worked for you in the past.
Or they did work once a upon a time but not any longer.
You love stationary. period.
Stickers... need I say more?
You are creative.
You are a paper crafter.
You want to be more organised.
You love washi tape. :D
You are willing to work to get the perfect planner.
You are loving the decorated planner trend.
You know what the Tardis and Millenium Falcon are.  No worries if you don't, but you probably will know by the end of the 6 weeks :D

It's probably not for you if:

You use only electronic planners.  Though you will learn about your ways of using a planner, the course is geared to paper planner users. However, if you feel confident that you'll be able to transfer the information to your electronic planner needs we'd be happy to have you join us!
You want a quick fix.
You don't like the rigidity of planners and schedules. 
You think the planner craze is awesome and you just want to decorate a planner for fun.

Still not sure?  Ask me any questions you have:

Registration is now closed, but if you can't wait until the Spring session, please contact me for individual coaching. I can help you find the perfect planner for you!!